Move your project from prototype to final product with customized FPGA-board solutions

Save Time, Remove Hassle

Utilize FPGA-based boards in your product without having to spend your time and resources creating the design

Work with Experts

Our team will assist you with designing a custom FPGA board or module that fits your specific needs, ready for prototyping and product integration

Crush Project Goals

Release your product with FPGA-based precision and performance that makes you look like a rock star!

The Process – It’s Easy!


Get an Analysis and Proposal

Our expert FPGA designers will review your project’s needs and propose a customized board solution


Prototype with Existing Board Solutions

Start developing, prototyping, and testing with one of our existing boards while your custom board is being designed and built.


Integrate Custom Pre-Programmed Boards

Our team will create a design to fit your custom needs, and deliver these to you in custom, pre-programmed boards that are ready for integration into your final product.

Ready to start your project?

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