Development Board

Arduino-Compatible, FPGA Based

Snō | Small FPGA Development Board
Snō | Small FPGA Development Board


  • PROGRAMMABLE with Arduino IDE
  • EMBEDDED 8-bit AVR instruction set compatible microcontroller
  • CONFIGURABLE with custom Xcelerator Blocks on the FPGA
  • FASTER clock rates and overall application speed

A compact footprint and Arduino compatibility make it perfect for fitting into final projects!

*New product!* 

Because we put the quality of our products above all else, the release of Snō which we originally forecasted for June 30th has met a small delay as our engineers further test to ensure we meet and exceed our quality standards. Look for the latest and greatest Snō in early August. 

Hello, Snō.


Snō Top | Small FPGA Development Board
Snō Bottom | Small FPGA Development Board

Physical Dimensions

  • .7 inches x 1.7 inches

Digital I/O

  • 3.3V Inputs
  • 3.3V Outputs
  • 42 Digital I/O Pins
  • 16 PWM Digital I/O Pins
  • 6 Analog Pins

Analog Inputs

  • 3.3V tolerant
  • Performance: 1 MHz
  • Resolution: 12-bit sustained
  • Sample Rate: 1 million/second


  • Program Memory: 32 KB
  • Data Memory SRAM: 2 KB

Xcelerator Blocks

What’s an Xcelerator Block?

An Xcelerator Block is an optimized hardware implementation of a unique processor intensive function. Since everything needs a cool acronym, we simply refer to one of these blocks as an “XB”.

Snō ships with pre-installed XBs that target application-specific behavior. These are listed on the right. Snō can be field-updated to change the XBs implemented on the FPGA. Learn more about XBs on the Xcelerator Blocks page.

XBs Pre-installed on Snō

Enhanced Analog-to-Digital Converter

NeoPixel Control

Floating Point Math

Servo Control


OpenXLR8 is the methodology that allows Snō users to create their own custom Xcelerator Blocks and integrate them into the FPGA.