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Introduction to XLR8

Wednesday, March 22, 3:30PM CST

This webinar provides an introduction to XLR8.  We will walk through the basics of using XLR8 including how to use the XLR8 menu options and an overview of the XBs that are shipped with the board.

The webinar will close with an open Q&A session.

Webinar Breakdown:

  • XLR8 Overview
  • XLR8 Setup with Arduino IDE
  • Xcelerator Blocks Demo
  • Uploading a new FPGA Image
  • Open Q&A

Using OpenXLR8

Thursday, March 23, 3:30PM CST

This webinar will be focused on demonstrating step-by-step process of creating a custom Xcelerator Block for XLR8 using our OpenXLR8 methodology. This includes a detailed look at how the Verilog code interfaces to the embedded microcontroller, Verilog synthesis, running our integration scripts, and re-imaging the FPGA via the Arduino IDE.

Finally, we will show how to design/include the software library and run a sample sketch that demonstrates successful performance of the new XB.

This webinar is based upon the hands-on tutorial that we hosted at ESC Silicon Valley in early December 2016.  This is a great webinar to join if you want to learn more about designing your own custom FPGA blocks for XLR8!

Webinar Breakdown:

  • Introduction to pseudorandom number generator (LFSR) code
  • Review of Verilog wrapper interface to microcontroller
  • Simulation with Mentor Graphics® ModelSim®
  • Synthesis using Intel® Quartus® Prime Lite
  • Upload to FPGA via the Arduino IDE
  • Overview software library
  • Run simple sketch to demonstrate new FPGA hardware

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