XLR8 Family of FPGA-Based Development Boards

Hardware acceleration for the Arduino ecosystem


  • FPGA based
  • Embedded 8-bit AVR instruction set compatible microcontroller
  • Programmable with Arduino IDE
  • Compatible with Arduino ecosystem shields and accessories
  • Hardware accelerated functionality
  • User-configurable FPGA logic

Advanced platforms for Makers, Educators and Product Developers

XLR8 | Arduino Compatible FPGA Development Board


XLR8 is the perfect fusion of FPGA-based speed and performance with Arduino platform familiarity and convenience.

It is programmable with the Arduino IDE and compatible with the broad ecosystem of Arduino shields, sensors and accessories.


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Snō | Arduino Compatible FPGA Development Board


*New product!* 
Snō offers the enhanced performance features of XLR8 – combining FPGA performance with Arduino compatibility – in a compact, ready for integration footprint.

Snō is based on an FPGA with 2X the programmable logic providing even more space for custom hardware functionality!


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Move your project from prototype to final product with customized FPGA-board solutions




Hardware-accelerated functions run in a fraction of the clock cycles required to execute the same function in software.

This results in faster overall application performance.



Shorter times to complete complex tasks in hardware result in more clock cycles available for additional software functions.

Computation performance is significantly improved.


The functionality and capabilities accelerated in the FPGA hardware can be expanded and scaled for many different applications.

We are just scratching the surface of what is possible to accelerate!

Xcelerator Blocks

What’s an Xcelerator Block?

An Xcelerator Block is an optimized hardware implementation of a unique processor intensive function. Since everything needs a cool acronym, we simply refer to one of these blocks as an “XB”.

Snō and XLR8 ship with pre-installed XBs that target application-specific behavior. These are listed on the right. Both can be field-updated to change the XBs implemented on the FPGA. Learn more about XBs on the Xcelerator Blocks page.

Pre-installed XBs

Enhanced Analog-to-Digital Converter

NeoPixel Control

Floating Point Math

Servo Control


OpenXLR8 | Arduino Compatible FPGA Development Boards

OpenXLR8 is the methodology that allows XLR8 and Snō users to create their own custom Xcelerator Blocks and integrate them into the FPGA.

Demo Videos

Check out more videos on the Alorium Technology YouTube Channel.


XLR8 Pong | Arduino Compatible FPGA Development Boards
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