A couple of quick items before heading out on a beautiful Friday afternoon in July:

I am excited to share that the Beta version of OpenXLR8 is now ready for use!

OpenXLR8 is the methodology we are actively developing that allows users to develop their own custom Xcelerator Blocks and integrate them them into the XLR8 FPGA.

Click here to learn more and take a first look at the instructions and steps to create a custom Xcelerator Block.

XLR8 Production Update

Of course, to fully realize the value of being able to create your own XB for XLR8, you probably need to have an actual XLR8, right? Well, we are pressing hard toward getting one in your hands soon!

The first major lot of our volume production is running next week. I’ll send out another email as soon as we have a good feeling for when boards will be ready to ship.

Thanks for sticking with us. I know we are behind in our original manufacturing timeline estimates, but we are getting…so…close.

Have a great weekend!