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Intro to Hinj: IoT Sensor Hub and Development Board

Attend this webinar for an introduction to the Hinj IoT Sensor Hub and Development Board. The Hinj board is fully programmable with the Arduino IDE for both microcontroller software updates and FPGA image reconfiguration. 

The board features integrated Ethernet and WiFi connectivity and is a highly flexible platform for interfacing an Intel MAX 10 FPGA to a variety of module-based wireless interface options including PMOD, Arduino and XBee. Hinj users can benefit from FPGA acceleration and overcome Arduino Uno performance bottlenecks without having to use FPGA programming tools. 

The webinar focuses on a high-level introduction to all the features of the Hinj board and a general overview of the board architecture. Attendees will learn how easy it is to start programming firmware that runs on the embedded 8-bit microcontroller through the Arduino IDE, immediately take advantage of the on-board internet connectivity, and use the modular interfaces (PMOD, XBee, Arduino).

The concept of Xcelerator Blocks (XBs) – custom hardware offload engines that run on the FPGA – is explained with examples of how to use XBs with the firmware.

In addition, there is a brief introduction to Alorium Technology’s OpenXLR8 methodology. OpenXLR8 allows designers to develop their own custom XBs for use on the FPGA.

What You Will Learn:

• Understanding of Hinj board features, connectivity options and potential use cases

• Exposure to the idea of Xcelerator Blocks and how they fit into the Hinj FPGA solution

• Conceptual introduction to how XBs integrate with the embedded 8-bit microcontroller on the FPGA

• How using FPGA acceleration via XBs can improve sensor data acquisition and processing

• Introduction to OpenXLR8 – the methodology for developing custom XBs

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